Sponsoring partners

These are the sponsors of Lead Montessori Conference 2021.


Whole School Leadership

Whole School Leadership inspires Montessori leaders to lead with vision, clarity and courage as key elements in transforming self, community and society in the work of and commitment to educating for human potential.


Who are the people behind these organizations?

Anna Pugacheva

The Head of The Higher School of The Montessori Method (AMI Training Center)

Russia, Saint Petersburg

Eder Cuevas

Executive Director of Montessori México and development director in Montessori de Chihuahua


Mariana Ulita

Executive director and AMI
3-6 trainer at Montessori Institute Bucharest


Hadar Peled

Co-founder and CEO of Milla - Montessori Israel Leadership Association

Vinaya Devi

Founder of Cremon Montessori Life School in India, Primary and Elementary

Simoni Efstathiou

Founder and director of Casa Bloom Training Center in Cyprus 

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